Cohort Update, December 2018

Categories: Cohort 18

Faith in Our Future, initiated by Bishop O’Connell, is a strategic planning program to address the needs of individual parishes and the Diocese of Trenton. The Diocese was divided into 25 cohorts with various configurations and operating models. Cohort 18 is a collaborative model in which the parishes of Holy Innocents (Neptune), Mother of Mercy (Asbury Park), and Saint Anselm (Tinton Falls) work together for their common good and the needs of their communities.


Cohort 18 Update + December, 2018 Since May of 2018, our cohort and its subcommittees have been working hard to implement the goals and objectives of this year’s Faith in Our Future initiative. Our goals and objectives for this year are as follows:

Goal 1: To maintain the Haitian and Hispanic Ministry.
Objectives: To select a replacement for the retiring administrator of the ESL program and to continue to secure resources for Social Services & Social Justice.

Goal 2: To establish evangelization programs in Cohort 18.
Objectives: To establish a Saint Paul Street Evangelization Program and to renew the parish initiation teams of the RCIA process.

Goal 3: To coordinate youth activities within the cohort.
Objectives: To establish a Cohort 18 Youth activity.

As we continue this journey to spread Gods Word, additional help within the Cohort 18 Committee would be greatly appreciated. This committee meets about six times a year at Holy Innocents. If you are interested in, or you feel you have skills to help us reach any of our goals, please consider joining the subcommittee dedicated to that particular goal.

It is important to find ways to bring our community members back to church to worship and provide the time, talent, and treasures needed to carry on Christ’s works for the neediest of our community. To get involved, please contact your pastor or email and become a member of our Faith in Our Future team.

William Setaro, Ed.D.
Chairperson, Cohort 18