Easter Triduum Livestream Mass Schedule

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11:00 am., Easter Sunday Mass



From Father Carter:

Hello Everyone, 

A number of people have messaged me asking if I could use another platform other than Facebook to stream the masses. I think people are asking this because they think they need a FB account in order to view anything on FB. However, I just found out and confirmed in a test that you do not need Facebook in order to view anything we’re posting and you can even catch the livestream. How?
  1. Go to our FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/HolyInnocentsNeptune/
  2. Click on “posts” in the left hand column. (Now that I look at it, you can go directly there by this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HolyInnocentsNeptune/posts/)
  3. Scroll down the posts till you see the live stream and click on it. I’ll try to start it a couple minutes ahead of time for the mass. If you really don’t see it try refreshing. 
If you do have Facebook and you like our parish’s page, then it should appear in your notifications. If any of these instructions are not clear, please let me know.
Also, after considering all the options for the angles, I decided that I will actually have two live streams going simultaneously. If you want to see us, click on the one of the altar close up. (I think it has clearer sound quality and you can see us.) If you want to hear it loudly, click on the one that is very zoomed out. (Basically my cell phone next to a speaker.) You can switch back and forth between them if you like.