Cohort 18 Planning

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Planning Phase

As part of the the Faith in Our Future pastoral planning process, Bishop O’Connell tasked parishes of the Diocese to assemble “Core Teams,” comprised of the Pastor and parish members, to “to see that the required work is completed… [and] collaborate with the parish pastoral and finance councils, as well as engage with parishioners across all ministries and populations in the parish.”1 The Parish Survey which we completed in 2016 was part of the charged work of the Core Team.2


The second step in the process was meeting with our neighboring parishes, or cohorts, in order to “discuss their strengths and struggles, and share ‘best thinking’ about the future. Together, the cohort of parishes made suggestions for the future that proposed particular ways the parishes in a given area could work together and respond to each of the five goals of the Faith in Our Future process.” Holy Innocents has been assigned, along with Mother of Mercy Parish in Asbury Park and The Church of Saint Anselm in Wayside, to Cohort 18. The Core Teams of Cohort 18 met, in a spirit of faith, and began to exchange ideas and work toward building collaborative and sustainable relationships among our three parishes in accordance with the Faith in Our Future mission.3

Implementation Phase



1. Faith in Our Future Mission

2. Holy Innocents Church 2016 Parish Survey Results  & Parish Evaluation Form

3. June 1st Cohort 18 Planning & Suggestion Report to Diocese | Cohort 18 – October 1st Final Response Document to Diocese