iStock_000014186302_SmallSideWe encourage all members of the Holy Innocents congregation to become involved in the community of the Church, volunteer their talents and time and share in the fellowship of Christ.  Many who have a calling serve as lay ecclesial ministers, such as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, readers, choir members, catechists, pastoral council members, or participate in charitable works, health and wellness, sacramental preparation or consolation programs.

Lay ecclesial ministers should possess certain inclinations and dispositions:

  • Being in full communion with the Catholic Church, able to minister joyfully and faithfully within the hierarchical communion that is the Church
  • The desire to serve the Church and its mission, which proceeds from love of God and God’s people
  • A commitment to regular personal prayer, frequent participation in the Mass beyond the Sunday obligation and in the other sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Penance
  • Zeal to live a Christian life, and willingness to live and teach as the magisterium teaches
  • Emotional maturity, including the ability to sustain friendships and professional relationships and the management and appropriate expression of both anger and affection
  • The intellectual gifts needed for the specific ministry
  • A commitment to good communication and conflict resolution skills*

If you believe you have a vocation for a lay ministry, talk to a priest or deacon after mass or call the ministry coordinator for direction. For more information on Catholic ecclesial ministries, see the Lay Ecclesial Ministry FAQs. For more information on the ministries at Holy Innocents, see the links in the Ministry menu above.

*Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord at 30.