Week of August 6, 2017

Week of August 6, 2017


FIOF Communication, vol.1, no. 1 – August 2017

Our parish is part of a diocesan strategic planning program entitled Faith in Our Future (FIOF). The following facts and information about the FIOF program are intended to keep you informed as our implementation plan progresses. Updates will be shared regularly via parish bulletins. For more information, please visit the diocesan FIOF website:



FIOF & Cohort 18 Facts:

  • The Trenton Diocese covers four counties and includes 107 parishes. For the purpose of FIOF, these parishes have been grouped into 25 teams – or cohorts.
  • Our cohort, Cohort 18, includes three parishes: Holy Innocents in Neptune, Mother of Mercy in Asbury Park, and St. Anselm in Wayside.
  • We are joined in the collaborative model. Under this model, the parishes work together (i.e. collaborate) on specific goals and tasks, but each parish remains distinct and separate, with their own pastors, parish councils, finances, census, and sacramental books.
  • While the collaborative parish model is the most common within FIOF, some parishes have come together as either merged or linked parishes.
  • Cohort 18, with guidance from the Diocesan Implementation Committee, has identified three goal areas to be addressed in this first implementation year: 
    • Youth Ministry – Youth programs will be maintained at each parish, and collectively the programs will address faith formation, along with sports and social events.
    • Hispanic & Haitian Ministry Center – This resource will be located at Mother of Mercy Parish but will meet the needs of Catholics within our cohort region. This ministry’s mission is to meet the unique needs of our Haitian and Latino parishioners. Multiple ministry centers are to be established throughout the diocese as a result of FIOF in response to multicultural populations.
    • Catholic Education – Our cohort will explore effective models of Catholic elementary school education, administration, and finances as they pertain to Cohort 18’s parish schools, Holy Innocents School and Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

For additional information please visit our Parish Cohort page.