Week of January 14, 2018

Week of January 14, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

As we approach Catholic Schools Week (January 28), I would like to share some fond memories of school from some of our alumni. Catholic School has such an impact on the lives of those who attend it and we are very blessed to have a school that has served this community for so long. Carol Maliff is a member of our Pastoral Council, a member of our Finance Council, and a volunteer for our Religious Ed program. I am happy to share with you some of her reflections on our school.

Fr. Carter

As a lifelong parishioner of Holy Innocents Church, I would like to pay a long overdue tribute to Holy Innocents School. I am a proud graduate of the Class of 1974, (which was the fourth eighth grade graduating class since the school opened in 1965).

After our Parish was incorporated back in 1959, the plan set by the Diocese of Trenton and our first Pastor, Father Reilly, was that the school was to be built first. The current school gym was the space used for the church structure. The ‘temporary’ structure was used until our existing Church was completed in 1992. I am mentioning some brief history here in order to emphasize how important Holy Innocents School was to our Parish and the Diocese from the very beginning. By opening our school, Holy Innocents gave parents in the community an option to have their child educated in a Catholic elementary school, and the parishioners embraced the idea. In the early years the students were taught primarily by the Religious Teachers Filippini (sisters of Saint Lucy Filippini), a devoted teaching order, and the class sizes were some of the largest in the school’s history.

Much has changed since my first day at Holy Innocents School in a positive way. Classroom sizes are now smaller for the benefit of the students. The tools needed for quality learning are now available for every student. The classrooms are not only equipped with the latest technology, but are now set up in a more welcoming environment for learning by their dedicated teachers.

So many years have passed since I was a student at Holy Innocents, but the school’s impact on my life has never left me. Here are just a few memories: Saying prayers together in the classroom, working hard and being humble, being accountable for my actions, learning the beauty of our faith, going to Mass together, helping those in need and making lifelong friendships.

Holy Innocents School is a vital part of our Parish community. Although the school has only im- proved with age, its core values and Catholic foundation are firmly planted. Every child should have the option to attend a Catholic school. I am a very grateful graduate of Holy Innocents School.

Carol A. (Bolger) Maliff