Week of January 21, 2018

Week of January 21, 2018


Dear Parishioners, As we approach Catholic Schools week, which begins January 28th , I would like to share with you some fond memories of school from some of our alumni. Catholic School has such an im- pact on the lives of those who attend it and we are very blessed to have a school that has served this community for more than 50 years! Anthony Scotto is a member of our Pastoral Council and a Trustee of the parish. I am happy to share with you his feelings on how the school has enriched his life as a Catholic. We should never underestimate the good that our school does for our Church and community.

God bless!

Fr. Carter

We are HIS…….Holy Innocents School

This was the theme I lived and heard for eight years of my elementary education. As a proud graduate of Holy Innocents School, I was fortunate to strengthen my Catholic identity and academic foundation. Those were the years where The Religious Teachers Fillipini taught several grade levels and served in leadership roles (principal). My class was a family; most of us journeyed together from 1 st grade to 8th . Our uniforms stood out as an outward sign of a Catholic Education. I received all of my sacraments while attending the School, and graduated with solid preparation for high school (Red Bank Catholic). I guess it was my admiration for the classroom teacher that inspired me to become an educator as well. The teachers and staff were dedicated and always a part of our lives. Having the school linked to the Parish allowed me (and my family) to feel connected to the Holy Innocents community. I am truly thankful for the education I received at HIS… –

– Anthony Scotto

Class of 1987