Week of January 28, 2018

Week of January 28, 2018


This Sunday is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. In appreciation for our school and all it does, I have been publishing testimonials from various alumni. When I asked people to submit testimonials, I did not realize there would be this many people willing to do so. It really is a tes- tament to how this school has touched people’s lives. For this week, we have a rather recent graduate of our school speaking about what this school means to him. I would like to present Daniel Pineda.

God bless!

Fr. Carter



We are only as strong as our foundations, and Holy Innocents School helped strengthen mine.

I established a well – structured foundation based on a devout Catholic faith at Holy Innocents School. An effec- tive curriculum is clearly important at any academic institution, and Holy Innocents School undoubtedly provided me with 11 years of beneficial schooling (Pre – K – 8th grade). However, the most important lesson I learned from H.I.S. was how to carry out the three words in the school’s mission in my daily life: “Holiness, Inspiration, Success.”

Holiness . From a young age, H.I.S. taught me to dedicate each day to the Lord. I have found comfort in my faith through both my daily accomplishments and failures. Inspiration . My mentors and teachers at H.I.S. motivated me to inspire those around me in whatever I do. Their positive effect on me was contagious, and now I can do nothing but spread the “illness”. Success . H.I.S. inspired me to try and become the best individual that I can be. Each day I do my best to be one step closer to that goal.

My experiences at Holy Innocents School helped me excel in high school at Christian Brothers Academy and in college at the University of the Sciences. In the fall, I will be attending Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. It is a long and difficult road ahead of me to become a physician, but through holiness, inspiration, and success…anything is possible.

— Daniel Pineda
Class of 2010