Week of April 15, 2018

Week of April 15, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy podcasts. Podcasts are like radio shows that you can download to your phone, computer or tablet. They give me something to think about while I’m walking or driving my car or doing repetitive tasks. I am glad to learn new things but I don’t always have time to read as much as I would like. So, if you enjoy podcasts as well, I would like to recom mend some of the podcasts that I listen to which really support my faith.

First, I would like to recommend “Pints with Aquinas” hosted by Matt Fradd ( http:// pintswithaquinas.com/ ). This podcast is about relating the teachings of St. Thomas in a conversational, laid back tone. Matt Fradd begins each podcasts asking, “If you could sit down with St. Thomas Aquinas over a pint of beer and ask him any one question, what would it be?” And each episode he does an amazing job talking about the truths of the faith according to the Angelic Doctor. He reminds us that our religion is based off of faith and reason and both are neces sary for the other to make sense. Seriously, even if you hated philosophy in school, at least give the good philosophy presented in this podcast a chance.

Second, I would like to recommend “Catholic Answers Live” ( https://www .catholic.com/ audio/podcasts ). In this show, Catholic apologists answer questions surrounding the faith in a live call in radio show. Sometimes the shows are based around specific topics. Other times, it is an open line where anything could be asked. But, either way, the people who run this show exemplify truth and charity with absolute clarity on the teachings of the faith. If you want to learn about how the faith applies to the questions asked by many people today, this may be worth a listen.

Third, I would like to recommend all the great local shows produced by Domestic Church Me dia ( https://domesticchurchmedia.org/podcasts ). As you may know, we are very supportive of our local Catholic Radio station and love that we have such a strong witness to the faith within the Dio cese of Trenton. While they carry many EWTN shows over their live broadcast, they also have a lot of their own original broadcasting which can be downloaded on their website. I especially love that our Bishop has a monthly show called “The Shepherd’s Voice” where he talks about issues within the Diocese. But, there are many other great shows that can be checked out there.

In many ways the internet is a two edge sword since it can very easily lead us down time wasting rabbit holes that distract us from what is most important. But, it can also be a great tool to support the faith and lead one closer to God if one knows how to use it right. So, if you have never given any of these podcasts a shot before, look them up. I bet you’ll be surprised in a good way.

God bless!

Fr. Carter