Week of April 29, 2018

Week of April 29, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

Would you like to exercise your gifts in service of the Church? I have some opportunities for you. If any of these seem appealing to you, please pray over it and contact me at toddcarterpriest@gmail.com or call me at the Office x11.

Head EMHCs for each Mass. As you may recall, I wrote in last week’s bulletin that I would like to institute a new way to organize the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. My plan involves both people signing up ahead of time to serve at a particular Mass as well as having this list checked by an EMHC Head for that Mass. So, far, people who have responded to me have either expressed overall approval or at least a willingness to give it a try. So, with your cooperation, I would like to find EMHCs who are willing to serve as heads for each of our weekend Masses. For it to work, I need two volunteers for each Mass. I know some of you are anxious to see the return of the chalice at the weekend Masses. The sooner we organize, the sooner we can return to normal. I am also open to anyone who would like to become an EM. Please contact me if you would like to serve in this ministry.

Assigned Adorers – for Eucharistic Adoration on Thursday. I know we have plenty of people who come to the chapel every Thursday to adore the Blessed Sacrament. This is a beautiful testament to the faith and I know there is great spiritual benefit to adoring Our Lord. The problem is that we currently have only one person assigned to each hour. In order for adoration to continue, we need at least two people assigned to each hour. Leaving the Blessed Sacrament alone has not been an issue so far. But, I do not want to take unnecessary risks. So, especially, if you come consistently every week for an hour anyway, please consider becoming one of our regular adorers so that we can count on you to be there.

Faith in Our Future Cohort 18 Team Members – Our parish is a member of Cohort 18 along with Mother of Mercy, Asbury Park and St. Anselm, Wayside. The purpose of this cohort is to find ways to help each other out and find common ground. Currently, we are finding ways that our parishes can collaborate with each other in the area of Evangelization. So, if you’re interested in Evangelization or wish to help shape the future of this parish, then please consider becoming a Team Member. I should probably write another bulletin article about the current state of the cohort and what we all have been up to. So, stay tuned for that.

School Board members If you would like to help promote and support our Catholic School and you would like to be more involved, please consider becoming a member of the School Board. I just reinstituted the board this year and we could always use more help, especially if you have any skill in marketing.

St. Paul Street Evangelization members – I admit that I may be burying the lead by putting this one last and I plan to write an article all about this ministry soon. The short version is that I am starting a chapter of St. Paul Street Evangelization. It is a grass roots organization that goes to public places and presents the faith in a non-confrontational manner to those interested in hearing it. I can go on for pages about their method and why I think it will work. But, in the mean time, if you’re interested in helping out, just contact me.

God bless!

Fr. Carter