Week of August 14, 2022

Week of August 14, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

Last week, I wrote about why you should come to Eucharistic Adoration. In summary: Christ is really there, He desires us to spend time with Him, the Eucharist is the center of our worship and it is good for you to do. However, I do know that people might feel awkward when they spend time in Church sitting quietly. So, I am going to list some things you can do to help you adore our Lord.

  • First, do not feel like you have to be there for a long time. Any time you give to the Lord is better than giving no time to the Lord. But please be attentive during that time.
  • Second, make yourself aware of the presence of God. Look at Christ in the monstrance and remember that He is really present and He wants you to be here praying to Him.
  • Third, ask the Holy Spirit for help to pray. We cannot pray except by the grace of God. So, it is necessary to ask for help.
  • Fourth, you should try to focus on something concrete in prayer. This is called meditation or mental prayer. It is allowing God to occupy our thoughts, imaginations and desires. It can take many different forms depending on what you need. You could lift up to God everything that makes you worried at this moment. Or, you could thank God for all the good things He gives you. Or, you could meditate on His Passion. Or, you could take the upcoming Gospel for the Sunday and slowly read over it, asking God to help you see the message He has in it for you. Or, you could say some devotional prayers and then think about what you said.
  • Fifth, when you are done, be sure to thank God for your time together. Lastly, if you need help praying, you can find many resources online that will help guide meditation. These include litanies to the Blessed Sacrament, scriptural rosaries and all sorts of useful tools.

There is an old maxim which says, “Pray as you can, not as you can’t”. We are all works in progress, building good habits and learning to become more God-centered. I hope you find these tips helpful as you come to Eucharistic Adoration. I find it one of the most beautiful things we can do with our time because worshipping God is literally what God made us for. As you genuinely give your time to God, you will see fruits in your life that will lead you to eternal life.

God bless!

Fr. Carter