Week of March 7, 2021

Week of March 7, 2021


Dear Parishioners,

I know a lot of people have taken the lock-down very seriously and have rarely left their homes since the pandemic began. As the pandemic slowly gets better, some of them have decided to physically return to Church and they know they ought to go to confession because we as Catholics are required to go to confession at least once a year. However, many of them do not think they are capable of sinning since they could not leave their homes for a long time.

In order to aid people who are in this situation, I have come up with a short examination of conscience for the homebound. If you have been homebound and wish to make a good confession, please take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to aid you and then read slowly the following questions:

  • Do you pray every day?
  • Do you feel sorry for yourself?
  • Do you complain often?
  • Are you grateful to others when they do good things for you?
  • Are you envious of others who are able to do more?
  • Do you doubt the goodness of God?
  • Do you give into temptations of lust such as looking at unchaste images or giving into impure acts?
  • Do you give into temptations of wrath and wish ill on others?
  • Do you curse others in your heart who you perceive to be the cause of your problems?
  • Do you gossip about or slander others?
  • Are you unkind to others?
  • Do you take time to learn about the faith?
  • Do you eat or drink more than you should?
  • Do you drink in order to get drunk?
  • Do you take illicit drugs?
  • Do you spend too much time watching TV or some other frivolous activity?

I pray that you all have a fruitful and holy Lent.

God bless!

Fr. Carter