Week of May 15, 2022

Week of May 15, 2022


Dear Parishioners,

This is my third bulletin letter about the Synod on Synodality and I would like to talk about the need for catechesis in the Church and our community. According to the responses we have received, we would benefit from a structured program for continued faith formation.

We already have such a program for children from Kindergarten to Eighth grade. This is of course our Religious Education Program (CCD) which prepares children for their sacraments. We definitely need more education than this in our lives, though. Since no one looks at someone entering high school and believes they are completely prepared for life. Yet, that is often how we treat the faith and we have many adult people who have mistaken notions about their faith. Some believe that they have received enough education in the faith and that the faith is way more simple than it actually is. Others believe that because they were not taught more of the faith that it is not something worth learning about. While still others want to learn about their faith but do not know how to begin doing soon. While I cannot do anything for those who do not think they need help or do not value their faith, I can do something for this third group.

We have provided opportunities for education in the past. Before I came to the parish, I know that speakers came regularly to talk about various topics. Also, the year before the Covid lockdowns, we did have a Pentecost Mission. And I did run Bible Study and a Reading Group. We haven’t done things like this over the last two years because we were avoiding public gatherings because of the Pandemic. The one notable exception though is our new Wednesday night Bible Study that started last fall, using materials from Ascension Press’s Great Adventure Bible Timeline. (The next session, called A Biblical Walk Through The Mass, begins June 22nd and will meet for the five weeks after that at 7 pm, for anyone who is interested.)

Now that more people are willing to gather, I am very open to having educational opportunities again. I think it will do a lot of good for people to have more appreciation of the faith, answer common misconceptions and actively connect with others. If anyone would like to help out with this endeavor or has an opinion on what they would like to be educated about, then feel free to reach out to me at the Office or at toddcarterpriest@gmail.com. I am open to anyone who would like to start any groups that teach the Catholic Faith.

God bless,

Fr. Carter