Week of September 27, 2020

Week of September 27, 2020


Dear Parishioners,

Reading and meditating on the Word of God is essential to living the Christian life. That is why we reflect on God’s Word at every Mass. Normally we have worship aids called the Pew Missals out for people to read before or during Mass in order to help them follow along in the readings. But since the pandemic started, we had to remove all the Missals from the church since we want to avoid people at different Masses touching the same books. (This is all according to Diocesan guidelines.)

I am sure that many of you appreciate these measures to help protect you from Covid-19. However, it is still annoying that you cannot use the regular Pew Missals during Mass. So, I have an idea that will help solve that problem. I am going to give away our remaining stock of Pew Missals in the back of church after all the Masses this weekend. Once you have one, keep it. We do not want it back. You may keep it at home or bring it back for use in church as you please. Since we only have 2 months left in the liturgical year, we will give these away.

For the next liturgical year (starting in Advent), we will order more Pew Missals and give those out as well for a suggested donation of $5 to cover the cost of ordering them. If we run out of those before everyone gets one, we can always order more.

Besides using the Pew Missals, there are many sources to see the daily Mass readings. These include looking at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website (usccb.org) or buying your own worship aid like from Magnificat or Our Sunday Visitor Daily Missal.

I hope you all find this as “good news” and have a great Sunday.

God bless!

Fr. Carter

P.S. On a completely different note, the Traditional Latin Mass went well last week, and we will have another one on October 18th at 3 pm.